North Face Farm:  Jig


Big Bend Jig ABCA 428178
Born: 13 Nov 2015
Breeder: Barbara Ray

Jig is starting very nicely. Just a bit of work before winter set in. She's thoughtful, biddable, and quiet on her feet. Jig has a nice sense of where to be to manage her stock. She's a clever and practical dog. This is the third time this breeding has been done with a number of very successful dogs in the first two breedings.

Monty ABC 335391
Amanda Milliken
Breeder: Amanda Milliken

## Imp. Star CBCA 3031
Amanda Milliken
Breeder: Ian M. Siswick, W. Yorks

Roy ISDS 183001
J.R. Griffith, Wales

Cap ISDS 137731
A.LL.Jones, Wales
Del ISDS 164460
J.R.Griffith, Wales

Liz ISDS 170734
Ian M. Siswick, Scot

Haig ISDS 138565
W.Rae, Scot
Dot ISDS 127467
J.N. Maughan, Cumbria, Eng

Ethel CBCA 55
Amanda Milliken
Breeder: Amanda Milliken

## Craig CBCA 54
Amanda Milliken, ON

Scot ISDS 110726
Mrs. E.Rogers, Scot
Gel ISDS 139418
J.Johnston, Ayrs, Scot

Grace CABC 116621
Amanda Milliken, Kingston, ON

Imp. Boy ABC 39773
Amanda Milliken
Hazel CABC 116619
Amanda Milliken

Big Bend Stella ABC 331659
Barbara Ray
Breeder: Barbara Ray

Dirtblownnick ABC 290883
Barbara Ray
Breeder: Sue McLean Wessels

CV Cap ABC 222600
Don Helsley

CV Joe CABC 110407
Norman Close, AB
Sara CABC 143242
Glenn McNair

Lexy ABC 218447
Sue McLean Wessels
Dayton, WA
Happy ABC 94898
Ken S. Johnson, Yelm, WA
Tress ABC 79166
Sue McLean Wessels

Britt ABC 185403
Barbara Ray
Breeder: Janet Sheldon, VA

Quill ABC 36309
Karen J. Thomason
Pilot, VA
Buttersettlad ISDS 175393
Karen J. Thomason, DVM VA
Llandinambryn ABC 20369
Bernard F.Feldman, DD.V.M.

Ettrick Dot ABC 102235
Janet Sheldon
Floyd, VA
*Ettrick Bob ABC 63357
Kathy Knox, Butler, MO
Peg ABC 45731
Kathy Knox, Butler, MO