North Face Farm:  Jobe


ABC 288754     CBCA 6508
Born 6/21/2006
Breeder: Darlene Hutchins

Jobe is a very forward dog on his stock with a fair amount of power. He's quite stylish. He can have some tension. He is extremely biddable and determined to get the job done. Jobe runs out 400 yards well. He's a good driving dog. The shape on his come by flank is lovely. The away needs a bit of maintenance. All and all he is a very nice dog. He had a brief Ranch career spring 2009, often 1st or 2nd place. He picked up 5 Open placements that summer/fall. Jobe is neutered.

Jobe has been sold as an Open trial dog.

Photo © Sharon Perkins

Photo © Sharon Perkins

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