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We are a small farm in Massachusetts raising Tunis sheep. We graze our flock on various open land around the town, using the dogs to move them between paddocks, load them on trailers to move to new fields, and any other tasks that require us to gather and move the sheep.

We have pasture raised lamb and pork available in the fall. Please contact us early to reserve a delicious lamb or side of pork for your freezer. We use no hormones and no prophylactic antibiotics. Our animals live in the pastures. We believe this to be a healthier and less stressful environment than raising them confined in barns.

Our dogs are maintained primarily for our own farm use and trialing. Occasionally we have a litter or a started dog for sale.

Looking for Navajo-Churro sheep? After years of putting together a strong flock with excellent genetics for fleece, type and hardiness I decided keeping two breeds was too much work. The entire flock was sold to Rebecca Gunther of Jersey West Farm in NJ. She is a knowledgeable shepherd who is putting together an excellent flock.

Maria Amodei
PO Box 43
Dunstable, MA 01827