North Face Farm:  Chord


Chord  ABCA 376397  CBCA 10548
Born: 14 March 2012
Breeder: Betty Levin, Lincoln, MA

Chord is thoughtful and analytical like her sire Levi. She has a lovely natural outrun, comfortably wide, widest around the sheep, gives them room at the top and softens herself. Very attentive to the stock and aware of how her movements affect them. No tension. Like her father and grandfather she is quiet in her movements.

Chord is my dog of a different color. She and one other littermate are not quite black, visible from birth. Both of her parents are black and white, as are the other three littermates. In the right light you see she is actually a very dark and even chocolate brown.

OFA Good Hips (prelim)
Hips OFA Good Prelim (17 mos), CEA DNA Normal, I-GS Normal, TNS Normal, MDR1 Normal, Degenerative Myelopathy Normal, NCL Normal
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Levi ABC 317023
Maria Amodei
Breeder: Darlene Hutchins
Hips OFA Good
CEA DNA Normal by Parentage

Cato ABC 156023
Maria Amodei
Breeder: Alasdair MacRae
Hips OFA Good
CEA DNA Normal

Imp. Jim ABC 133041
A. MacRae/Bobby Ford
Breeder: F.W. MacGregor
Scott ISDS 189240
D. Brady, Ireland
Cran ISDS 181688
F.W. MacGregor

Imp. Jan ABC 153987
Alasdair S. MacRae
Breeder: W J Irwin
Sweep ISDS 193019
G. Maginn
Kim ISDS 192206
W. J. Irwin

Mel ABC 215991
Darlene Hutchins
Breeder: R.W. Jones
Hips OFA Good
CEA DNA Normal

##Roy ISDS 200199
Aled Owen

#Ben ISDS 129820
Aled Owen
Nel ISDS 174815
Aelwyn Owen

Mist ISDS 232413
R.W. Jones, Llangwm, Corwen

Storm ISDS 207568
J.M. Ellis
Mist ISDS 223119
P.D. Ellis

Betty Levin, Lincoln, MA
Breeder: Chris Kroemmelbein
CEA DNA Normal by Parentage

Imp. Sweep ABC 311761
(aka "Nip")

Chris Kroemmelbein
Breeder: G. Graham
Hips OFA Good, CEA DNA Normal

Fleet ISDS 221086
G. Mullen
Breeder: T.W. Longton
Rhosfa Jack ISDS 199986
Mrs. A Wood, Breeder: D. Rees
Queen ISDS 193355
Willie Welsh, Breeder: WM. Welsh

Fly ISDS 251771
G. Graham
Breeder: S. Gormley
Moel Spot ISDS 233530
I.B. Jones, Breeder: C.S. Jones
Dot ISDS 236530
S. Gormley, Breeder: G.L. Jones

Chris Kroemmelbein
Breeder: Roger Deschambeault
CEA DNA Normal by Parentage

Imp. Ken ABC 204289
Roger Deschambeault
Breeder: Aled Owen
Hips OFA Good, CEA DNA Normal
##Bob ISDS 224454
Aled Owen, Breeder: D. Patrick, Yorks
Kate ISDS 226291
Aled Owen, Breeder: J E Lightfoot, UK
Imp. Trim ABC 204290
Roger Deschambeault, Breeder:
CEA DNA Normal
Clifton Lad ISDS 221710
M. Norman
Meg ISDS 237762
M. Norman