North Face Farm:  Levi


ABC 317023     CBCA 6815
Born 12/21/2007
Breeder: Darlene Hutchins

Levi is a plain worker, thoughtful in his approach. He keeps an even pressure on the stock, moving them along smoothly and easily despite his lack of finesse. What I enjoy most is his mind. He's always thinking, reading the stock, keeping in mind the job at hand. He is my first choice for farm work. If I need a large group of sheep put somewhere they don't want to go I get Levi. He is brilliant at applying strong forward pressure while keeping the edges tucked in, no commands needed.

Levi is mostly retired now, toes injured years ago are becoming a problem for him. He was never a flashy or stylish dog, indeed handling Levi is like steering the Queen Mary. He settles on lines. He is a solid Open competitor and particulary good with contrary sheep with his steady manner.

Hips OFA Good, Elbows OFA Normal, CEA DNA Normal by parentage

Photo © Sharon Perkins

Photo © Sharon Perkins

Photo © Sharon Perkins

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