North Face Farm:  Cass / Cap Litter

Cass / Cap

Cass ABC 368353 CBCA 9807 / Michael Gallagher's Cap ISDS 270159
Born: January 23 2014
Breeder: Maria Amodei
4 girls, 1 boy, all spoken for at this time Enquire about this litter

Cass is all work and always a partner. She was running competitively in Open shortly after her second birthday, able to handle some big fields and challenging stock. Though she is sensitive she is also smart, keen, and eager to get it right. She trained up quickly. Cass is bold with no tension allowing her to handle rough stock without losing her head. She is biddable, tremendous stop, nice behind her sheep, and will run out 500 yards. Cass is direct and forward to a fault. In breeding I wanted a dog with more ready and flexible flanks while also having a good forward way of working. Cap fits that bill quite nicely and then some! Cass has a lovely temperament, social with dogs and people, not bothered by crowds, loud noises, or new situations, very focused in her work.

All pups will be rough coated. Probably black and white but possibly tri as well. Cass is quite a large bitch with size on both sides of her pedigree. Cap is not a large male.

Cass: Hips OFA Good, CEA DNA Normal by parentage

Cap: CEA DNA Normal

Michael Gallagher's Cap hardly needs introduction. 2010 International Supreme Champion, 6th 2009 International Supreme Championship, 2nd 2009 International Qualification, 12th 2009 Irish National, 8th 2008 International Supreme Championship, 2008 Reserve Irish National Champion, 2008 North of Ireland Champion. He has a great temperament both on and off the field, tremendous feel for his stock, a classy worker.

Cap ISDS 270159
Michael Gallagher
Breeder: Duncan Campbell, Argyll Scotland

  •  2010 International Supreme Champion
  •  6th 2009 International Supreme Championship
  •  2nd 2009 International Qualification
  •  12th 2009 Irish National
  •  8th 2008 International Supreme Championship
  •  2008 Reserve Irish National Champion
  •  2008 North of Ireland Champion

Cap ISDS 213154
R. Dalziel
1998 Int. Supreme 2nd, Scot. Nat. 2nd
2003 Scot. Nat 2nd, 2002 Scot Nat. 5th
1997 Scot. Nat. 6th, 1999 Scot. Nat. 10th
Wisp ISDS 161487
R. Dalziel
1992 Int. Supreme Champion, Scot. Nat. 1st
1989 Int. Supreme Champion, Scot. Nat. 2nd
1991 Int. Supreme 5th, Scot. Nat. 2nd
Gunner Keele ISDS 148409
Norman Rutter
Nell ISDS 143510
J.L. Barr

Dot ISDS 180149
R. Dalziel
1995 Scot. Nat 1st
Glen ISDS 160459
T. Jackson
Nell ISDS 155952
R. Bradley

Fly ISDS 236165
Duncan Campbell
2005 Scot. Nat. 3rd, Driving 1st
2003 Scot. Driving 7th
2008 Scot. Nat. 7th

Zac ISDS 218723
Norman MacDonald

Mirk ISDS 181466
I.A. MacDonald
Judy ISDS 177220
I.A. MacDonald

Connie ISDS 201550
Norman MacDonald

Hope ISDS 158875
Stuart Davidson
1992 SNat 4,1990 IntDr 1,SDr 1,1994 SDr 1
Jan ISDS 185731
Neil McVicar, 1998 IntSu 9, 1997 IntSu 12

Cass ABC 368353
Maria Amodei
Breeder: Maria Amodei

Mick ABC 336920
Dick Williams
Breeder: Norm and Bev Sommer

Mik CBCA 3845
Jo Ann Zoerb
Brooks, AB

Imp Drift ABC 250325
Jo Woodbury, Buffalo, WY
L&M Nana ABC 223807
Diane Pagel, Carnation, WA

Gyp CBCA 2575
Norm and Bev Sommer
Pleasantdale, SK
Tip ABC 117545
Barry Schmidt, Bow Island, AB
Cass ABC 162833
Barry Schmidt, Bow Island, AB

Vesta ABC 317021
Maria Amodei
Breeder: Darlene Hutchins

Cato ABC 156023
Maria Amodei
Imp. Jim ABC 133041
A. MacRae/Bobby Ford
Imp. Jan ABC 153987
Alasdair S. MacRae, Breeder: W J Irwin

Mel ABC 215991
Darlene Hutchins
Breeder: R.W. Jones
##Roy ISDS 200199
Aled Owen
Mist ISDS 232413
R.W. Jones, Llangwm, Corwen