North Face Farm:  Poe


Poe ABC 417782 CBCA 12448
Born: 19 October 2014
Breeder: Rebecca Gunther

Poe is very keen, biddable, direct. A bit of tension but keeps himself practical and sensible. Super fun to train, talented and happy to partner. He is direct to a fault and then some, so keeping him flexible is a priority. His flank shape is good when he commits to the flank. I've been running him successfully in Open and Nursery. Poe was 10th in the Canadian nursery finals running lame on an infected toe. He is serious, practical and very effective both in farm work and on the trial field.

Poe is a smallish male with a lovely structure. He is social, no sensitivities, comfortable in all environments. He is a Cato grandpup, like Marcus.

Poe is a work and trial dog in NH now.

Photos © Martha Walke

CEA DNA Normal, I-GS Normal, TNS Normal, MDR1 Normal, Degenerative Myelopathy Normal, NCL Normal
Hips OFA Excellent, Elbows OFA Normal

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