North Face Farm:  Cato / Mel Litter

Cato / Imp. Melangell

Cato ABC 156023 CBCA 6509 / Imp. Melangell ABC 215991
Born 12/21/2007
Breeder: Darlene Hutchins

We had 2 girls and 5 boys. The girls are Vesta and Trixie. The boys are Fios, Levi, Tycho, Cooper, and Ziggy.

Cato is a trial winner and very consistent performer in Open. He's a smart outrunner, and excellent driving dog. He has a fair amount of eye, yet flanks freely and moves onto his stock. He reads stock well. He is a dog with the confidence to take all commands at the tough spots on the field and keep control of his stock. He is extremely stable and outgoing. Hips OFA Good, Elbows OFA Normal, CEA DNA Normal

Mel is a very forward and confident dog on stock. She has no tension, flanks freely. You can put her wherever you want her. She's a stable and friendly bitch. Hips OFA Good, Elbows OFA Normal, CEA DNA Normal.

Vesta is a farm dog working a flock of 150 Navajo-Churro sheep in NJ.

Trixie stayed in MA to be an agility dog.
Photo ©Karen Hocker Photography                Photo ©Donna Kelliher
Fios stayed in MA to be an agility dog and a sheepdog.

©Judy Jo Drake
Photo ©Judy Jo Drake
Ziggy went to NY to be a sheepdog.

Cooper stayed in MA to be an agility dog. He has been started on stock as well. He is extremely determined on stock and looking to be quite nice once he gets some training on him.

Tycho is a fully certified SAR dog with Maine Search and Rescue Dogs.
Levi stayed here at North Face Farm to be a sheepdog. He's been a slow to mature. He is running in Open.

Photo ©Judy Jo Drake

Photo ©Sharon Perkins

Cato ABC 156023
Maria Amodei
Breeder: Alasdair MacRae

Imp. Jim ABC 133041
A. MacRae/Bobby Ford
Breeder: F.W. MacGregor

Scott ISDS 189240
D. Brady, Ireland
Wattie ISDS 162693
J. Welsh, Wigtown, Scot
Jet ISDS 157747
M. O'Boyle, N. Ireland

Cran ISDS 181688
F.W. MacGregor
#Roy ISDS 114678
J.J. Templeton, Scotland
Jan ISDS 128237
W. Wilson, Scotland

Imp. Jan ABC 153987
Alasdair S. MacRae
Breeder: W J Irwin

Sweep ISDS 193019
G. Maginn
Don ISDS 141536
E.W. Edwards
Sally ISDS 177236
Mrs. Harrison, England

Kim ISDS 192206
W. J. Irwin
Buff ISDS 158383
W. Watt
Lass ISDS 168402
W.J. Irwin

Imp. Melangell ABC 215991
Darlene Hutchins
Breeder: R.W. Jones

##Roy ISDS 200199
Aled Owen

#Ben ISDS 129820
Aled Owen
Rhaiadr Zac ISDS 94341
Miss A. Edwards
Fan ISDS 102412
Roy Williams

Nel ISDS 174815
Aelwyn Owen
Mac ISDS 116944
Wm. D. Jones
Lil ISDS 141181
Aelwyn Owen

Mist ISDS 232413
R.W. Jones, Llangwm, Corwen

Storm ISDS 207568
J.M. Ellis
Don ISDS 193234
J.R. Jackman
Jan ISDS 161939
J. Palmer

Mist ISDS 223119
P.D. Ellis
Cap ISDS 157014
P.D. Ellis
Deerplay Mist ISDS 165943
P.D. Ellis