North Face Farm:  Marcus

MS Marcus

MS Marcus ABC 368532 CBCA 9806
Born: 3 May 2011
Breeder: Caleb Parker, Conway, MA

Marcus has a lovely cast, a direct walkup and is thoughtful and natural on his stock. His great strength is in his smooth transitions, seamlessly flowing from flank to walkup to stop to movement, keeping the stock quiet and maintaining steady pressure. He is running successfully in Open. After years of being my third dog behind Song and Levi I decided to prioritize Marcus in entries. With a just a bit of trial mileage he quickly stepped up to the plate. We're learning to work well together and he's currently my best trial dog and a solid farm dog. I've never had a dog try harder for me, never.

This is a son of Levi, a grandson of my Cato. Cato was named for the Roman statesmen and philosophers, Marcus Porcius Cato (Cato the Elder) and his grandson Marcus Porcius Cato Uticencis(Cato the Younger). Marcus' mother Fly is a full time cow dog working in the dairy.

Mushing photo © Sharon Perkins, herding photo © Kate Collins

Marky runs in lead on my sled team.

CEA DNA Normal by parentage

Levi ABC 317023
Maria Amodei
Breeder: Darlene Hutchins

Cato ABC 156023
Maria Amodei
Breeder: Alasdair MacRae
Hips OFA Good
CEA DNA Normal

Imp. Jim ABC 133041
A. MacRae/Bobby Ford
Breeder: F.W. MacGregor

Scott ISDS 189240
D. Brady, Ireland
Cran ISDS 181688
F.W. MacGregor

Imp. Jan ABC 153987
Alasdair S. MacRae
Breeder: W J Irwin

Sweep ISDS 193019
G. Maginn
Kim ISDS 192206
W. J. Irwin

Mel ABC 215991
Darlene Hutchins
Breeder: R.W. Jones
Hips OFA Good
CEA DNA Normal

##Roy ISDS 200199
Aled Owen

#Ben ISDS 129820
Aled Owen
Nel ISDS 174815
Aelwyn Owen

Mist ISDS 232413
R.W. Jones, Llangwm, Corwen

Storm ISDS 207568
J.M. Ellis
Mist ISDS 223119
P.D. Ellis

L&M Fly ABC 321620
Caleb Parker, Conway, MA
Breeder: Laura Hicks, Allen, SD

L&M Jag ABC 223803
Laura Hicks, Allen, SD
Breeder: Laura Hicks

Imp. Spot ABC 206467
Michelle Howard, CA
Breeder: J.H. Wilson
Kep ISDS 218317
R.B. Henderson, Mid-Scot
Jan ISDS 182031
J.H. Wilson, Selkirk

Nell ABC 153164
Laura Hicks
Breeder: E.B. Raley
Craig ABC 140335
E.B. Raley, Crawford, TX
Imp. Tess ABC 119583
E.B. Raley, Crawford, TX

L&M Uno Piper ABC 278509
Patrick Grannan
Breeder: Laura Hicks

Imp. Lynwood Jim ABC 234486
Shannon Fritz, Beach, ND
Breeder: Mrs. L.Lomas, Sykehouse, Goole
##Sweep ISDS 180949
R. Henderson, Scot
Meg ISDS 218326
Mrs. L. Lomas, Eng.

L&M Kat
Laura Hicks
Breeder: Laura Hicks
Dutch ABC 158406
Tracy Miller, Nisland SD
Nell ABC 153164
Laura Hicks