North Face Farm:  Rhyme


ABC 249368     CBCA 3372
Born 2/3/2004
Breeder: Kate Broadbent

Rhyme is very direct dog with a super shape to her flanks. Her style makes it easy to be precise on lines. She is also an excellent partner at the pen with those correct flanks. She has lovely outwork and a nice sense of balance. She was not quick to take to shedding, but it is coming along. Rhyme has a number of Open placments and was the VT Triple Crown champion in 2008. She is a tremendously athletic small bitch, with a great structure. Rhyme has had one litter and is now spayed.

Rhyme has been sold. She'll be putting her talents to use teaching a new handler the art of working sheepdogs. It seems an excellent match for both dog and handler.

Hips OFA Good, Elbows OFA Normal, CEA DNA Normal, BAER Normal 2/2009

Photo © Kinloch Sheepdogs

Photo © Kinloch Sheepdogs

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