North Face Farm:  Rhyme / Ken Litter

Rhyme / Imp. Ken

Rhyme ABC 249368 CBCA 3372 / Imp. Ken ABC 204289
Born 2/17/2007
Breeder: Maria Amodei

We had 4 girls and 2 boys. The girls are Song, Streak, Fern, and Botyne Wink. The boys are Verve Rocks and Kerales Captain.

Rhyme has a lovely bend in both directions while being very direct when walking up. She really marches the stock on a line. She's very well put together and extremely athletic. She has a number of Open placements. She did some agility when she was young. Plenty of drive, biddable, and a tremendous natural jumper. She can turn on a dime. Hips OFA Good, Elbows OFA Normal, CEA DNA Normal, BAER Normal

Ken is a trial winner and regularly in the top 10 with limited trialing. He's good to his stock and handles aggressive stock with calm authority. He's been breeding well, producing pups that are thoughtful and easy to train with plenty of talent and stock confidence. Hips OFA Good, CEA DNA Normal (Optigen Accession #: 09-2363).

Song stayed here at North Face Farm to be a sheepdog. She is a successful Open trial dog.
© Sharon Perkins
Streak went to MN to be a sheepdog.

Fern is a sheepdog in NH.

Botyne Wink
Wink went to Ontario to be a flyball dog. Wink got her Flyball Dog Excellent FDX Title her first time out in May 2009.

Verve Rocks
Verve is in MA, a successful agility dog. Verve has also been started on sheep and shows a great deal of talent. Catie had to make a decision between sheep and agility as she had a dog that was excellent in both and not the time to do both. Despite our best efforts to cement her addition to sheepdogging, Catie has decided to keep her focus on agility.
Verve video

Agility Photos ©Karen Hocker Photography

Kerales Captain
Cap went to PA to be a sheepdog. He is currently running at the Ranch level.

Imp. Ken ABC 204289
Roger Deschambeault Breeder: Aled Owen

##Bob ISDS 224454
Aled Owen Breeder: D. Patrick, Yorks

Carl ISDS 188967
R. Collins, Scot.
Moss ISDS 133525
B.Dawson, West Yorks.
Nora ISDS 142296
R. Collins, W. Yorks. Eng.

Nell ISDS 171678
D. Patrick, England
##Davy ISDS 131049
Sydney Price, England
Bwlch Nell ISDS 126948
Mrs. B. Jones, Wales

Kate ISDS 226291
Aled Owen Breeder: J E Lightfoot, UK

Bwlch Hemp ISDS 201604
Mrs. C. S. Rundle
#Ben ISDS 129820
Aled Owen, Wales
Dell ISDS 172782
Hope Hanson

Twiggy ISDS 198145
Miss K. Humphreys, Wales
Spot ISDS 188876
R. Fernghough, Wales
Jill ISDS 161797
Miss K. Humphreys, Wales

Rhyme ABC 249368
Maria Amodei Breeder: Kate Broadbent

Imp. Moss ABC 245564
Joni Swanke

##Sweep ISDS 180949
R. Henderson, Scot.
Bill ISDS 159525
R. Henderson, Scot.
Midge ISDS 162829
J. Taylor, Scot.

Kim ISDS 233768
David Kinloch
Moss ISDS 213331
Alasdair MacRae
Meg ISDS 215003
A. Carnegie, Scotland

Scotia Rose CBCA 916
Kate Broadbent

Imp. Tass CABC 134720
Kate Broadbent
#Pip ISDS 124578
T. Flood, Ireland
Gale ISDS 165148
O. Brennan

Bergen Sarah CABC 128117
William Flower, NS
Sport ABC 37008
Dean Stewart, SK
Bergen Cher ABC 63338
Ron Gale, AB