North Face Farm:  Song / Nip Litter

Song / Nip

Song ABC 301326 CBCA 6816 / Nip (reg. name Imp. Sweep) ABC 311761 ISDS 274592
Born: November 14 2009
Breeder: Maria Amodei

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We had 5 girls and 3 boys. The pups are all off to their new homes.

Song placed her first time out in Open, a few months after her second birthday. She is biddable, easy to train, and keeps her head in new situations. She's a forward dog who just loves to push sheep along. Song is stable, happy in new environments, friendly with kids and adults. She is from our Rhyme/Ken litter. Hips OFA Excellent, Elbows OFA Normal, CEA DNA Normal by parentage

Nip is registered as Imp. Sweep but most folks who see him at trials know him as Nip. He was 2nd the Irish Munster Nursery Finals and another regional nursery finals before he was imported. Nip has a tremendous way of taking a hold of his sheep and managing them quietly. Sheep move off him easily and calmly. He is wide and deep on his outrun. Nip's first pups are in training now and looking very good. He is a social and stable dog who throws social and stable pups. Hips OFA Good, CEA DNA Normal (Optigen Accession #: 09-7838)


Joni is working at a sheep dairy in VT. She is good with her stock, talented and biddable, already a full working partner at 14 months. She's working a flock of about 180 dairy ewes.
Vermont Shepherd


Trax will do agility and some sheepdog work in ON.



Pixie will be an agility dog in NS.



Sensation will be a sheepdog and an agility dog in FL.

Learning new tricks


Maggie will be a Search and Rescue dog in KY.



Alfie will be a sheepdog in NJ. He'll be working with the Jacob sheep at the farm and hopefully be a trial dog as well.
Byeburn Farm



Arlo will be an agility dog in VT.



Brie will be a sheepdog in MA.


One week old, full and happy.

Imp. Sweep ABC 311761
(aka "Nip")

Chris Kroemmelbein
Breeder: G. Graham

Fleet ISDS 221086
G. Mullen
Breeder: T.W. Longton

Rhosfa Jack ISDS 199986
Mrs. A Wood
Breeder: D. Rees
Jos (Jaff) ISDS 152124
John. R. Thomas, 1988 E. Nat 4, Dr 1
Rhosfa Jill ISDS 183614
David Rees

Queen ISDS 193355
Willie Welsh
Breeder: WM. Welsh
Tweed ISDS 140476
T.W. Longton, 1993 E. Nat 2, 1987 IntSu 6
Sal ISDS 139356
W. Welsh, 1991 S. Nat 3

Fly ISDS 251771
G. Graham
Breeder: S. Gormley

Moel Spot ISDS 233530
I.B. Jones
Breeder: C.S. Jones
Bwlch Hemp
Mrs. C. Rundle
Dolwen Fan ISDS 201604
Miss C.S. Jones

Dot ISDS 236530
S. Gormley
Breeder: G.L. Jones
Sweep ISDS 201728
G.L. Jones, 1997 IntSu 3, 1999 IntSu ?, W Nat 1, 1996 W. Nat ?
Gail ISDS 228920
G.L. Jones

Song ABC 301326
Maria Amodei
Breeder: Maria Amodei

Imp. Ken ABC 204289
Roger Deschambeault
Breeder: Aled Owen

##Bob ISDS 224454
Aled Owen
Breeder: D. Patrick, Yorks
Carl ISDS 188967
R. Collins, Scot.
Nell ISDS 171678
D. Patrick, England

Kate ISDS 226291
Aled Owen
Breeder: J E Lightfoot, UK
Bwlch Hemp ISDS 201604
Mrs. C. S. Rundle
Twiggy ISDS 198145
Miss K. Humphreys, Wales

Rhyme ABC 249368
Maria Amodei
Breeder: Kate Broadbent

Imp. Moss ABC 245564
Joni Swanke
##Sweep ISDS 180949
R. Henderson, Scot.
Kim ISDS 233768
David Kinloch

Scotia Rose CBCA 916
Kate Broadbent
Imp. Tass CABC 134720
Kate Broadbent
Bergen Sarah CABC 128117
William Flower, NS